About Us

IberAtlantic is an investment business group based in Spain. We were constituted in 2014, the result of the experience accumulated in the development of different business initiatives that started ten years ago.

Core Values

The focus on the generation of value and the clear international vocation are the hallmarks of the IberAtlantic Group. Likewise, our corporate identity is defined by a series of values, which vertebrate the organization and establish a framework for action.

Entrepreneurial Spirit

We identify new opportunities and trends in the various sectors of business development, taking calculated risks and mobilizing the resources needed to make them a reality.


Our leadership is active and inclusive. We are focused on the high performance of our work teams, promoting the integration of all resources and mobilizing the necessary strategic alliances.

Honesty and trust

We establish relationships with our stakeholders based on honesty and trust. We develop our activity with full operational transparency, respecting legal and ethical aspects with full responsibility.

Diverse orientation

We recognize the benefits of integrating diversity as a key factor in innovation and business success. We promote openness and learning capacity through the interaction of different visions, ideas, competencies, experiences, etc.


We take a multidisciplinary approach to our approaches. The greater the complexity, the more important it is to apply different perspectives and working methods in a coordinated manner, favoring the exchange and connection of ideas.

Orientation to shared value creation

We create shared value, working collaboratively to achieve various collective interests through strategic alliances with civil society actors.

Our vision

We want to be a reference in entrepreneurship, the accompaniment and development of business projects in the field of internationalization, specializing in emerging markets. An active investment group, committed to progress and constant innovation, that develops activity in different segments and sectors of the global economy and provides corporate services to companies.

Our mission

Overcome any type of border, through investments and/or provision of specialized services to companies, generating value in the most dynamic global markets. We act with quality, responsibility and efficiency, creating and managing opportunities and meeting the internationalization needs of companies.

Creating shared values

Business activity generates value and growth in the territory where it operates, as it contributes to the dynamization of both the productive ecosystem and society.


Beyond the day-to-day operations, the Iberatlantic Group is specifically committed to generating shared value for society, through its articulation with other civil society actors seeking to jointly build solutions to various needs in the fields of knowledge, the generation of ideas and the development of talent.

We support knowledge and the generation of ideas

Our entrepreneurial spirit is an integral part of IberAtlantic´s DNA, this being a value that we consider essential to promote in all business culture. For this reason, the Iberatlantic Group is an active member of the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Galicia, a private association of an independent nature, which has been consolidated as a reference in the promotion of entrepreneurial and dynamic business culture.


The Iberatlantic Global Corporation Group actively participates in the Circle of Entrepreneurs of Galicia to help enrich the role of this association as a forum for reflection, discussion and formulation of ideas and proposals aimed at contributing to the development and socio-economic well-being of society. Particularly prominent is the role of Iberatlantic in the dynamization of the sectoral forum for internationalization.

We support talent

Committed to the advancement of society by strengthening its human capital, the Iberatlantic Group is committed to enhancing the development of the talent of young university students.


21st century companies demand professionals with a solid integral background, the Iberatlantic Group has been part of the Mentor Foundation since its establishment in 2017.


This non-profit organization aims to strengthen the comprehensive development of university students in the legal-business field, through a training program that covers areas such as communication, motivation, teamwork, personal productivity, analysis and problem solving, results orientation, customer orientation, project management and negotiation, among others.

The Iberatlantic Group participates in the program of the Spanish Association of Directors (AED) “Directors for a day”, joining this initiative by which young university students share a working day with senior executives of companies. Through this activity, based on knowledge transfer and learning through experience, the student approaches the reality of daily work in the company.