Our Business

The Iberatlantic Group specializes in the provision of comprehensive corporate services to companies with an orientation of internationalization.

Through different service delivery companies that make up the group, Iberatlantic responds to specific needs arising in the current context of the globalization of the economy, where international openness is an inescapable demand rather than one option.


IberAtlantic Global Corporation

Iberatlantic Global Corporation actively facilitates and guides the implementation and development of international projects, with an emphasis on emerging markets and no segment or sector constraints.

The scope of services includes, among other aspects, the identification, formalization, advice and promotion of business opportunities with high innovative content, adapting to the specific needs of each client and each project.
Iberatlantic Global Corporation helps its clients overcome internationalization challenges by ensuring:


  • The assessment and weighting of opportunities and risks in the markets, especially in contexts of high uncertainty.
  • The meticulous structuring of the projects, as well as the integral management of them.
  • Access to strategic links in different sectors and business niches of international markets.
Iberatlantic Global Corporation is an international player with the capacity to locate and act in various scenarios at regional and national level. It has a wide network of alliances and strategic partners in the different international ecosystems, especially in:
  • Spain.
  • Portugal and the Lusophone countries.
  • Russia and CIS countries.
  • Latin America-LATAM.
  • Africa.
Iberatlantic Global Corporation acts as leader and integrating engine of the actions that it develops in coordination with its partners in the local markets.




MediaSiete Communication

Mediasiete Communication is a full service consultancy focused on internationalization, providing strategic advice and comprehensive communication solutions to public and private companies, institutions or organizations.

  • Consulting in corporate communication.
  • Public Affairs and institutional relations.
  • Comprehensive production of events, national and international, political, business, economic-financial, social and entertainment.
Mediasiete is a customer-oriented consultancy. Its ability to comprehensively address communication, continuous improvement, creativity and a clear commitment to innovation are its hallmarks.

IberAtlantic Real Estate Assets

Iberatlantic Real Estate Assets is an expanding real estate asset management and investment company. Established in 2016, it has proven experience in the sector, having managed a real estate portfolio of industrial and logistics assets located in strategic enclaves close to several major cities in Spain and Portugal.

Iberatlantic Real Estate Assets developed a specific approach for each operation, according to the particularity of the case. It also acts in a comprehensive way, taking into account all the technical, commercial, financial, legal, operational and strategic aspects that operations require.


The management of the trading process is characterized by having as a horizon the expectations of profitability determined in the market studies. From the time the investment opportunity is generated, or the trading opportunity is opened until the trade is closed, the goal is to maximize the return on investment, determining the strategy necessary to achieve it.

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Lupicinio Vigo

Lupicinio Vigo is a multidisciplinary law firm with a clear international vocation, offering comprehensive legal services to the business and industrial sector interested in expanding abroad. Associated with the prestigious Lupicinio International Law Firm, it is the reference office for the Iberian northwest.

Lupicinio Vigo is the firm responsible for the legal services of the Iberatlantic Group, bringing a legal vision of business to the group’s projects.


Its clear international orientation, as well as its broad understanding of the corporate field, are differential factors in the provision of the firm’s services.


In this way, Lupicinio Vigo provides solutions to the specific needs of its customers, providing a security framework, especially in complex jurisdictional contexts.